Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bad Weather? Never mind, picnic inside!

English Summer, an oxymoron that inspires hope in people. The hope that the sun will come out for more than 20 minutes so that you can slowly cook to a light pink. What happens to me in the summer is the cravings for picnics.

This, combined with hunger and Borough Market is a dangerous combination. For anyone who has been to Borough, literally everything there is suitable for picnics. This is the point where you need to exercise control, otherwise you will end up taking out a second mortgage to fuel your addictions.
Addictions including various pates of things you wouldn't expect to be pates (in this case the most addictive mushroom pate ever created, and some smoked salmon pate) and cheeses from Neals Yard Dairy (note the attempt to escape as they are aware of their fate)

However, being England, the weather was not suitable for picnic-ing outside, so unfortunately we had to do it inside. An excuse to buy some fantastic English Asparagus (a product which anyone and everyone in England should be gorging on whilst they are available)

This also gave a chance to try something new; Meat Bread. Using the Soda Bread recipe from last time, with Chorizo folded in, created what can only be described as the product of madness and genius.

(Note the Sriracha and Garlic Soda Bread also hiding under the pile, for the vegetarians)

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