Saturday, 21 May 2011

Beerly Bready, just a minute more

After making my beer, I came up with my next goal in life; to make a Ploughmans sandwich from scratch. much scratch as I can. First step; bread, after that cheese and pickle.

But going back to that second step; bread. For the easiest starting point (especially considering I used all my yeast to make the beer) I went for Soda bread. However, being lactose intolerant, there's very little in the way of buttermilk around.

So I went for the next best thing; my beer.

500g of Flour
400ml of homebrew

Mix together, form into a loaf. Cook until it sounds hollow, then enjoy with the leftover Chorizo and chicken juices you've got from dinner.

...then grab the ingredients for the next batch.

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