Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Now? When? Then?

Working in the city, I'm always looking for new places to grab a quick lunch that's different to your standard Pret, Eat, Leon. Moving offices to the middle of Moorgate helped this, with the resources of Liverpool Street, Bank, Clerkenwell at my disposal the world is my oyster (for lunch at least)

So when I realised I could try Ping Pong's Now store, I thought why not? Dim Sum to take away in a flash.

When I saw that among their offerings was something called a Meat Basket, I couldn't resist.

ABBAABA. These were the standard style dim sum you get at Ping Pongs across London, but still good for a fast lunch.

Also on the menu was a Chinese Burger; Char Siu pork in a steamed pork bun, seeming a bit like someone read about the Momofuku pork bun and thought they could copy it;

While an interesting attempt, the chewy bun let this down, making it more of an effort to chew through than it should have been. I'd probably give it another shot if I see it again, just as something different though.

Overall,for cheap and easy Dim Sum to grab quickly on a workday, Ping Pong Now does well and I'll definitely return, but it's not as good as the sit down Ping Pong restaurants, or any of Chinatown's Dim Sum destinations