Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Spuntino - Hangover Destination no.1

Those who may know me have heard how much I enjoy the Polpos, da Polpos and similar small plate style restaurants around the city. Apart from my natural inclination to like small things because they make me feel like a giant, in restaurants it also satisfies my need to eat everything on the menu.

So Spuntino fills that gap well, as all the dishes are small and designed to be shared. That is if anyone else can get past your guarding fork, stabbing intruders.

As a nice first round, we grabbed some of the Aubergine chips, looking to compare them the Byron Burgers' magnificent Courgette fries (in my head, these two veg are like siblings, or old school friends. They just go so well together!) 

Crispy, aniseedy outsides revealed a juicy, moist inside. A definite win and a good first impression.

The deep fried olives however...

These were superficially tasty, but the filling was overpoweringly fishy, a bit too aggressive for my tastes, especially in the early stages of a meal

On the menu, there was a section that seemed designed to help by previously mentioned favour of small things. Sliders. 

Burgers that make me feel like a giant and are incredibly tasty? Sign me up.

Bone marrow and beef, pulled pork and pickled cucumber, lamb meatball and mackeral. I think I lost a finger fighting for the lamb and the beef, both vanishing before I could get a proper picture

 But the pulled pork lasted slightly longer, protected by my giant hands, and as you can see, it was a fine expression of the form.

 Tiny burgers should always be accompanied by tiny chips, crisp and salty to cut through the slider's fat

And of course, there's no salad quite like one that's mostly meat...

This fails to mention the scorchingly hot mac and cheese, that's worth the loss of the skin in your mouth in order to appreciate it's gooey, crispy, macaroni brilliance

So obviously, after this meal full of fried, tasty food in a pretty dark restaurant, my obviously conclusion was;

'I need to get blackout drunk more, just so I can have a meal the next day here...'