Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hawksmoor Sunday Lunch. Hawksmoor-some

Anyone who has ever mentioned any steak place in London to me probably knows my views on the best steak in London. If you want a nice cheap but good steak the go to Sophies, but if you want to be amazed, head to Hawksmoor.

On the back of this, my lovely lady realised that a good birthday present would be to take me there for Sunday lunch and let me go mad on the menu of food and cocktails.
Obviously, with the curated menu of cocktails full of utter delights, the first place to start in Hawksmoor is with significant reading and drinking. This works for me, a man with a not insignificant collection of breakfast wines.
Moving to the food, we decided (at our own risk) to go all out in a survival match. Eat until you pass out essentially. To start, we got the Smoked Salmon with Delmonicos Garnish (the beautiful dish above) and Lamb Chops with Mint and Caper salad.

The Lamb Chops were a meal unto themselves, beautiful with the salad and leaving me gnawing away at the bones by the end (I'm not above diving in and getting my hands dirty, much to my dining partner's despair)
The real star of the show though was the reason we came on a Sunday in the first place; the Sunday Roast
An overflowing plate of perfectly cooked medium rare beef, lush greens and carrots, Yorkshire Pudding, roasted Garlic and shallots and the crispiest roast potatoes I've had the pleasure of eating for a while.

There's very little I can say about this that the picture wouldn't do better. For a shade over £17, this is not only fantastic food, but also pretty striking good value considering a 6ft 5 alcoholic with the appetite of an elephant struggles to finish the quantity. Although saying that, my tiny 5ft 3 girlfriend, after a morning of heavy exercise, barely blinked at devouring the whole plate.

After the two course meat onslaught, I was struggling to stay awake from the amount of food, wine and cocktails flowing through my blood

Fortunately though, like a cow, I have a secondary stomach for pudding. The cornflake sundae, while sounding initially suspect, is literally just as it says on it. It's like eating the best, ice cold bowl of cereal you've had. I wish I could keep some in the freezer for the summer mornings.
I'd also be lacking to not mention the brilliant service, unobtrusive while still charming to chat about the food/my camera to. Overall, somewhere that I'm at risk of going at least once a month and will always hunt for more excuses to visit.

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