Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wannaburger? Got a burger

I'm up in Edinburgh with work at the moment, not for the first time, and have been hitting up all the places I've learnt to love in my visits here. One of the best for a good cheap meal is Wannaburger, a staple of the Edinburgh fast food scene. This is the sort of burger place with bottomless drinks, a wide choice of extra toppings and any dip you'd want. A damn good fast food burger.

Normally I forget to check the specials to see what's up, but yesterday I managed to remember, and boy was I rewarded. On offer was the Jeremy Clarkson (we Khan't believe it either), with avocado, bacon, jalapenos and cheese. A fantastic, if not structurally sound burger.

Another thing to note is the sides, every time I've been in, there have been cajun sweet potato fries on offer. While you only get a few, they are some of the best burger accompanying fries I've had, sweet, spicy and utterly unhealthy!

Wannaburger is definitely somewhere I'd recommend as a first stop for anyone passing through Edinburgh who wants a quick bite to eat that doesn't sacrifice quality.

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