Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lines and Sliders and Beans, Oh my!

One of the great things about London is the variety of strange things you can do, and last Friday I indulged in one of these; London Zoo Lates. This is where they open the zoo from 6pm to 10pm with bars, music etc spread about. Good fun if you love animals, the outside or just going somewhere a bit different on a Friday night (also recommended in a similar theme; Science/Natural History Museum Lates)

What they don't tell you beforehand is that there is also a fantastic selection of London's street food spread out before you as you arrive.

Obviously, me being me, that meant that the first priority was trying as much as was possible, ignoring the animals until my appetite was sated.

First stop was at the Korean Sliders. Not going to lie, it's because I like feeling like a giant when I'm eating/drinking (give me those tiny bottles of spirits and watch my joy!)

So many tiny burgers, so much choice!

The first round of burgers we went for was the Burger with Soy and Wasabi onions. A tasty burger with the horseradish-like kick of the onions giving a nice finish
At the same time we grabbed a Kimchi-Bacon burger, a totally new combination to me, but given the opportunity, one that will become a close friend as the mix of salty, smoky bacon and the Kimchi made this almost better than the standard burger. If only there was a combination of this with a regular burger...

Oh...there is you say?

This Street Food Special, or a bacon-kimchi-cheese slider about the size of my fist is such a beast, and worth hunting down these Korean Sliders specifically for.
Next stop, the Notorious P.I.G. as I'm a sucker for some BBQ.

Especially when it's pulled pork with smoky beans and coleslaw...again reminding me that I need to buy a smoker, a whole pig and start going mad with pork...

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