Sunday, 12 June 2011

It may be summer, but it's Chili in the shade...

When it's cold outside, I often find myself craving something incredibly spicy and flavourful. This is the time that I usually go back to trying to improve my chili recipe;

First step, the spices. I usually base my recipe off cumin, smoked paprika and chipotle, but this time added in preserved garlic, mustard seeds and some Habanero for extra spice.

At this point you need to remember not to sneeze. I've done it before into a pot of spices like this and it's what I'd imagine being maced is like...

Next, the meat. This time I managed to get some spare rib chops and some stewing beef from the local supermarket, both designed for slow cooking and lots of flavour. But I also like using ox tail and pork belly when I'm feeling a bit more patient (ox tail needs most of a day to get to the right level)

After a little while of cooking, adding beer, tomatoes and kidney beans you get a warming dish perfect for a cold night in.

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