Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ten Ten Tei - Time to try

When shopping around the centre of London, wandering down to Picadilly Circus there's always the situation around lunch of wondering whether to delve into the depths of Soho for a real meal or grab a quick bite at the nearest Pret.

What's better I find is the cheap restaurants scattered around the edges of Soho, one such is Ten Ten Tei, just off Regents Street. A Japanese restaurant where you can get huge portions of comforting, tasty Japanese food for cheap. Including Tonkatsu (Breaded Fried Pork Cutlets)
Beef Donburi;
Teriaki Chicken;
Fried Tofu
As well as standby dishes of Ramen, Katsu Curry (the best winter fill-up food for a long day of shopping with the girlfriend) and ,of course, sushi

So remember the next time you're wandering around the shops of Carnaby Street, Picadilly Circus or Oxford Street that there's an alternative to the Angus Steak House, and it's hidden just around the corner. But if you never look, you'll never find.

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