Sunday, 24 July 2011

Weekend Breakfast - Baked Eggs in Rolls

Waking up at the weekend is harder than it has any right to be, that's why its always good to get some breakfast treats to encourage movement from bed to...well...most likely to the sofa.

Deciding to mix things up from my usual routine of bacon, fried eggs or cereal, I decided to try baked eggs. However, since I don't own any ramekins, I had to improvise a container. For this, ciabatta rolls, hollowed out and lined with Feta and Spinach did the trick.

Filled in with two eggs and baked at 200c for 10 mins, gave a perfect egg with a blast of salty feta in every bite, and crisp rolls to absorb the juices.

Definitely a good way to get out of bed. Possible ideas for next time include adding chorizo, cheese on the top or tomatoes inside. But that's my changes for most if not all recipes

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