Monday, 4 July 2011

Burgers I have had - A love story

Everyone has it, that one perfect burger.

The one that they had once and never found again, almost like a lost love, this haunts your life, leaving only regrets at burgers that don't live up to it.

From a chilli cheese burger found in the back alleys of Tokyo

To a customised Byron Burger, with exactly the toppings you feel like, and a sharp pickle to chase it. Washed down with cream soda (my usual order is a Byron burger with blue cheese, avocado and aioli in case anyone wants to buy me one)

A quick Korean slider grabbed wandering around London Zoo, filled with Kimchi, cheese and warmth

In New York, the spiritual home of the humble Hamburger, I have had Foie Gras Burgers with homemade tomato confit, visited the hidden Burger joint in the Parker Meridian. I've wann'ed a burger at Wannaburger.

But I still think back to one of two places when I crave a burger; the greasy faux New York diner on a corner in Chiang Mai that I visited most nights I was there in my gap year. The other is the Van of Life in Cambridge. Selling horrible burgers to humble students on their way home.

I suppose in retrospect the best burger is the one that's there when you really want it.

After 9 or 10 beers...

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