Monday, 25 July 2011

A Quick Lunch with Peyton and Byrne

As you may have noticed, I haven't been updating much over this last couple of weeks. This is mainly because I have flown north for the summer. And for the rest of the year. Not too far north, just north of the river up to the dizzying heights of Kings Cross.

One of the things that comes part and parcel with moving house is buying new furniture, so in order to go and gawp and stuff we couldn't afford, myself and my lovely little lady (awesomely alliterative) headed to Heals on Tottenham Court Road.

Within this den of pricy furniture we discovered another den, one of tasty food (not scum and villany as one would assume) - Peyton and Byrne

Seven pounds for grabbing a couple of quick, quality quiches, a small side salad and a drink isn't too bad for city prices (although anywhere not London, probably a lil bit of robbery)

Two quiches; one Bacon and Cheese, the other Spinach and Goats cheese, both brilliant for a quick lunch to refuel in style, with a tasty salad with a sticky, sweet mustard dressing.

Overall,a useful resource to know about when stuck shopping department stores for furniture. A situation always improved by good food

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