Friday, 29 July 2011

Pitt Cue Co - Under the bridge, but I'm the only troll

The South Bank in London is a hectic place, full of chain restaurants and various touristy things. This is why when something like the Pitt Cue Co pops up, it's always a pleasure. These guys are bringing brilliant American Style BBQ to London from a van under a bridge.

Going for the pulled pork (which after ordering I found out was something my dining companion had never been too impressed with when ordered elsewhere) I was presented with a heaping box of meat, beans and coleslaw. Firstly I'd like to point out anyone can win my allegiance with meat and coleslaw, so I may be a bit biased with this, but I'd put this offering as one of my favourite pieces of Street Food in London at the moment.

From the Pork that falls apart as you push a wooden fork into it, to the slightly spicy beans and the crisp bread, this is what I'd always imagined pulled pork should be. It also impressed my companion, who admitted that she'd never have ordered it without me, but definitely would if visiting again.

Also, for those New Yorkers in London, they have PBR...

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