Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Left over but never left behind.

One of the greatest parts of holidays like Easter, other than seeing family and having 4-day weekends, is coming home/waking up the next day with the leftovers. This Easter I was back home having Roast Lamb with the family, but afterwards there was still half a leg left. So obviously I grabbed it and escaped back to the city before anyone noticed.

Crispy Lamb with Spring Greens

For this, the first step is to basically attack the lamb, tear it from the bone into little pieces. The more you fray the edges of the lamb at this point, the crispier it will get when cooked.
Add some oil to a frying pan, get it really really hot and then start frying the lamb for far longer than you think is wise, until nice and crispy. At this point you can add rosemary and garlic (although the lamb I had was already roasted with these in it, so no need to add)

While this is going on, peel and slice some potatoes, boil quickly and then chuck into another frying pan with some pepper and thyme, not long enough to get crispy, but just enough to get the flavour of the herbs
Finally, just before serving, roughly chop up the spring greens and toss with the lamb.

Worked nicely, definitely an excuse to roast some more lamb in the future (not that I really needed an excuse...)

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